5 Feb 2017


We all grown up. All things just happen for a reason. There must be lesson for that. Yes that's all i can conclude to make you realize that some thing can't be happen  just like what you are hoping it to be. My principe senang je follow the flow je lah kan. and i am very very sorry for all the things that happen now and later on. 

It is not my intention to make you feel very depressed. All i can say is i am very sorry and i hope you still wanna be friends with me. Walaupun sebenarnya tak rapat sebab tak sama class tapi selalu je dulu tegur kalau berselisih. I hope you are doing great dear friend cause im kinda miss yaa. Dah takde bonding time dah hm. 

And inshallah we are going to be happy just the way we should be. Sebab shida pun takde kuasa nak ubah benda ni semua. Saya follow the flow je. Jaga diri yaa and im sorry again..
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