22 Sep 2017


Well lets start.................posting?

          Yep, it's been a while. My time was quite occupied lately, handling some kind of thingy everyday at work, and sometimes i even forgot to take my medicine. oh yep gastrictis problem here! Idk man i dont even have time lately.

          Anyways, a feeling to write or type something hit me just now and i think this would be a great topic to talk about since i need a refresh button to get to know myself either. You may leave if you wanted to because it would be a long post. I warned you.

Let's start?

1. I am the oldest from four siblings but not the tallest one :( 

2. I am freaking 'pelat' when i was young and that's how the 'Shida' name finally appear from. Yeap pelat nak sebut saiyidah sampai jadi shida. so yeah......

3. Back then, i am daddy's little girl. well like i told you, 'back then' when everything's smooth. but now im my nanny's princess before everything! I told everything, like a girl talk. When i said everything, i mean every single things and details. She's definitely my go to. It's like a place for me to get manja with, laughing, hugging and when i need just a little bit of affection. Or the most. 

4. I am good in math and english. Eh no i love themmm. How difficult it can be i still love them both. and it's a big NO for sejarah.

5. Im not into sports but i love netball and bowling so much! get it?

6. I tend to get angry on a simple things. well it's not marah act but more to cepat serabut haha whatever.

7. Sometimes i did not realize i talk at the speed of ets. And mostly i dont even understand what i talked about.

8. My palms are always wet and sweaty and worse when im getting nervous over something.

9. Shy at first but once i get comfortable with people, you guys can judge then :)

10. A big fan of Panda! Every single thing that comes with panda but a big no kalau patung. It's not that because i dont like it but im just afraid of any kind of patung sleep with me. you know...... tula dari kecil asyik fikir malammalam dia gerak je. ((tapi rumah banyak patung ni malaikat tak masuk hm)) so no bear for me. AND FLOWERS TOO. I dont like flowersss iyek.

11. Always and forever for white black and pink colour!

12. Rarely eat and cant finish  my foodssss. But once i eat, I EAT A LOT.

13. I love to keep problems to myself and that's not healthy.

14. I tend to cry over a simple thing. A LOT. Tengok cerita korea lah selalunya haha. Someone even called me a crybaby ((i think it's everyone haha)) I wonder how people could express their feelings in a rough way.

15. I could be cool liddat to an emotional lunatic just like that :)

16. I can be freaking silent when i get mad and not in a good mood.

17. Clingy as hell when i demam.

18. I hate kiasan. I mean, if you like me ((example)) just tell me straight away. I wouldnt understand your kiasan. Or pretending not to.

19. I am good listener and adviser until one point i think i should be cikgu kaunseling haha!

20. Talk about music, i dont have any specific genre that i like. When it's good then it's good.

21. I love to sing. Yep you hear me. I love to sing but not with anyone else. I mean i love to sing when im alone. In my room and not in the bathroom sebab bilik air pun orang luar still dengar. And i have to humming every single times when im with someone.

22. Im not into makeup thingy but have a thought to wear but i cant because i dont like it but i like it but freaking cant because nanti kulit cepat je nak naik segala sedara mara even pakai baru 4-5 jam lol. You get me? so dont wear makeup haha

23. I loveeeeee drugstore. Watson ke guardian ke i dont mind. Sebab banyak mask haha

24. I fall sick easily i think. Especially gastric semput and migraine.

25. I love every single things that i have. Eg my watch. I still wear it even dah pecahpecah dah. The secret on how i show my loyalty :)

26. When i said i love, i love. That's it. Dont ask me again. I dont know how to express that feelingss.

27. I love pedas food. Tak pedas tak complete. and i dont eat sayur.


29. Not that girly but tak tomboy. Oh please you have to know this. tapi crybaby? hm

30. I have a very very fast hand i think. Tend to tumbuk lempang and cubit someone easily haha.

I'm gonna stop here and 30 is way more than enough.

Does anyone read it till the end? I wonder lol

Till we meet again.
Assalam Alayk! :) 
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